Cybersecurity Roles

According to most organizational management, cybersecurity management is not limited to a single role or job in terms of cybersecurity roles. There are experts in Security Operation Central management. The following are the common cybersecurity roles. Do note they may have other similar names:

  • CISO – Chief information security officers (CISOs) are some of the best and highest-paid senior-level executives in cyber security.
  • Network security – Network security keeps hackers, hackers’ tools, and other threats from getting into your network and stealing your data.
  • Application security – Application security is term for the security measures that are built into an app to keep data or code from being stolen or changed.
  • Device and endpoint security
  • Server administration
  • Identity management
  • Physical security
  • Internal audit
  • Encryption
  • Data security
  • System maintenance
  • Forensics
  • IR (incident response) management

The purpose of having clearly defined roles is to ensure that no duty, task, or function is ignored. To fill critical cybersecurity jobs, a large organisation will need to hire a large number of cybersecurity professionals, especially in mitigating cybersecurity risk components. The management challenge then should be organising these cybersecurity professionals. In any organization, coordinating, sharing information, and having clearly defined limits are crucial for any functional organisation because cybersecurity is everyone’s challenge.