Cyber Security Operation

The cyber security operation is about keeping computers safe. Few people manage cyber security in small businesses, compare to bigger ones.

You need to focus on managing resources and aims to build and improve skills in managing stakeholders and communicating with them. You will also need skills in communication protocols, cybersecurity principles, and strategies for recovery and prevention.

There are frameworks for sharing information and making plans for managing cybersecurity across the whole organisation. More links are provided from the drop-down menu containing communication protocols and strategies, security risk audits, security programme development, handling incidents, maturity models, data governance, third-party risk, and supply chain risk. Feel free to share them with your staff and organisation.

1. Protection and Preventing

Design and set up the security controls (Endpoint protection, Next Gen Firewall, IAM, etc.) needed to stop and protect against attacks in all phases. 
Policies and technology should work together to help each other be as effective as possible. 
And start counting your efforts and how well they work.

2. Detection

“Assume breach” is the motto of most large companies and organisations today. 
And to find breach that couldn’t be stopped, you need to monitor, correlate, enrich, and analyse threat and vulnerability intelligence from both internal and external sources. 
Don’t forget to measure your efforts and how well they work.

3. Response

When breach is found, the accuracy of your response will depend lot on how well you found the breach. 
Look into what happened and fix it as soon as you can to limit the damage. 

4. Adapt

Your cybersecurity needs to change all the time, and this change is mostly caused by three main factors;
A) Incidents – If you’ve been keeping track of your efforts and how well they’re working, it’s not hard to figure out what you need to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
B) Changes on the outside – You have to change all the time to deal with new threats.
C) Changes on the inside – As you create and use new digital services and business models, your organisational and business needs will change.
Your future success in terms of cyber resilience will depend on how well you can change and improve your Cybersecurity Operations. 
But it will also help you keep track of and make the most of the money you spend on cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Roles

Cyber Security Operation Center (SOC)

Bigger Organisations

Small and Medium Businesses

Individuals and families.