Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is any crime that uses a computer or a network of computers that could have been used to do the crime, or it could be the target. Someone’s safety or finances could be hurt by cyber crime. Concerns about privacy are raised when private information is intercepted or shared, whether it’s done legally or not. Internationally, both government and non-government actors do things like espionage, stealing money, and other crimes that cross borders.

Cyber warfare is sometimes used to describe cyber crimes that cross international borders and are done by at least one nation-state. This is the “number one problem with humanity” and said that it “poses real risks to humanity.” cyber criminals, just like traditional criminals have been named and talked about for years.

So, today, we’ll answer the question, “What is a cybercrime investigation?” and look at the tools and methods that public and private cybercrime investigation agencies use to deal with different types of cybercrime.