About Us

Trust is questionable in the cyber world, so you need to educate yourself here.

We have a strong interest in matters affecting computer users and making that information available to the world and professionals who are interested in cybersecurity issues.

Our intention is to produce concise information that is accurate, tested and interesting about cyber security. There is a constant flow of serious and topical information being produced by professional, academic researchers and organisations, including international cyber criminals, who have an interest in a wide range of hacking abilities. AboutCyberSecurity .org will highlight and draw on skills, feedback, research papers and reports to cover the latest cyber security issues.

At AboutCyberSecurity.org, we believe sound cyber security is the foundation of vibrant lives, a safe environment and forward cyber progress. That’s why for more than 6 years, we have aimed to keep cyberspace safe at every level and every data storage. Today, as one of the world’s No 1 and most concise knowledge in cyber security organisations, we are committed to using our reach and size for good, without profit. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier cyberspace, and put a peaceful mind, body and cyber environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

Every day, our more than 960,000 supporters across the world are blending heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of a safe cyber environment, for humanity.

Joshua B Chen
Founder and Cyber Security Specialist.

Sydney, Australia.


Our Credo

We must believe that our primary obligation is to all cyber users, cyber security specialists, CIO, CISO, and learners who utilise our products and services. To fulfil their requirements, everything we offer must be of the highest quality. Constant efforts must be made to deliver value, cut expenses, and maintain non-profitable. Orders from customers must be processed swiftly and accurately. Our business partners must be able to generate a reasonable profit.

  • We are accountable to the employees that work for us around the globe. We must establish an inclusive work atmosphere in which each individual is treated as an individual. We must recognise their merit and respect their variety and dignity. They must have a sense of work security, satisfaction, and purpose. Compensation must be fair and sufficient, and working conditions must be clean, safe, and organised. We must promote our employees’ creativity and well-being and assist them in fulfilling their familial and other personal obligations. Employees must feel free to provide feedback and lodge concerns. There must be equitable employment, growth, and advancement opportunities for eligible individuals. We must supply highly competent leaders whose acts are just and moral.
  • We are accountable to the communities in which we reside and work, as well as the global community. We must aid in the improvement of global cyber health by promoting greater cyber security information. We must be good citizens, supporting good deeds and charitable organisations, improving health and education, and paying our fair amount of taxes. We must keep cyberspace safe, and out of evil and crime. Against all wars, big or small. Promote peace and conserve natural resources.
  • We must test out novel concepts. Research must be conducted, novel initiatives must be created, future investments must be made, and past errors must be compensated. New equipment and facilities must be purchased, and new items must be introduced. Reserves must be established in preparation for adversity. When we adhere to these rules, all cyber users should receive reasonable security.

May Peace be with You.